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This Schools Robotics Competition attracted 97 teams, almost twice the number participants in 2005.
Some of the 97 robots that participated. Thought most used Lego Mindstorm, there was no restruction the type of robots used.

This is the first time plegofield was used in a national competition. Plegofield was invented in 2005 and the first shipment arrived only in OCT 2005. Plegofield was adapted by SRG2006 because it is modular (similar to Lego pieces) and can be re-assembled into new playing fields for competition in subsequent years. There is no material wastage and thus it is environmentally friendly as compare to fixed playing fields that are used once and then discarded.

Another major benefit is that schools can purchase one and assemble it in their classrooms for their training, thus saving on traveling expenses and administrative work to bring the students to and from the playing field site.

The playing field was easily assembled at the competition site in the morning. Generally, it takes about 1 man-hour to assemble. There is no need to get a lorry to transport the plegofield just put it in your car boot.

The 2 competition fields were assembled in the morning. Here, you see student competing.

In this close-up of the playing fields, you can see Lego pieces being used as additional props. Under our recommendation, they decided to use Lego pieces so that the schools can construct the props without resorting to drills and saws.

If you intend to organize competition-using plegofield, we can help and even sponsor such activities,

For more information, please contact us by email or tel: 62930128