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From Singapore to destination Country

DHL Delivery
(2 working days)

UPS Delivery
(2 working days)

Singapore Speed Post
(l0 working days)

United State

$400.00 SGD $470.81 SGD $297.80 SGD


$335.00 SGD $417.38 SGD $251.80 SGD

South Korea

$335.00 SGD $221.63 SGD $160.60 SGD

Hong Kong

$196.00 SGD $221.63 SGD $145.50 SGD


$154.00 SGD $154.00 SGD

$100.90 SGD

Please be reminded that delivery price may change however if the increase is not much, we can absorb it. Please contact us for the actual cost of delivery.
$1SGD (Singapore dollar) is about US $0.65